The OBCA is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to promote Oregon based bicycle framebuilders.

We welcome all bicycle manufacturing companies located in Oregon plus bicycle related industries and the general public to join our ranks.

How it all started…

A 2006 round table discussion lead by Ms. Jennifer Nolfi of Portland Development Commission and (then) Commissioner Sam Adams office staff assembled to discuss how Portland and Oregon bicycle related businesses might be supported. The idea of forming a trade association was suggested and a short while later Tony Pereira (Pereira Cycles), Sean Chaney (Vertigo Cycles), Natalie and Austin Ramsland (Sweetpea Bicycles), and Andy Newlands (Strawberry Bicycle) met to further discuss the idea. At this meeting a decision to form an Oregon bicycle framebuilders group was reached. At about this time, important organizational and financial support was also received from Mr. Ron Sutphin (United Bicycle Institute). Mr. Jim Draudt volunteered to perform pro bono legal work on the application to the IRS for 501 (C) (6) non profit trade association. The Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association was born.

The association works to promote the welfare of Oregon bicycle manufacturers primarily by creating market exposure – trade shows and website development, and by providing technical assistance – frame and fork testing to CEN Standards – to the members.

You can support the Oregon handcrafted bicycle industry by becoming a member.